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At AltaML, we build tools to elevate human potential

We foster relationships founded on shared beliefs on using AI for good. Even though we're growing fast, the commitment to our purpose and core values remain constant:

We are gritty.

We are working in a very competitive environment, and we show persistence in overcoming hurdles, in tackling problems in new ways, in pushing the envelope of what has been done so far.

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We are agile.

We embrace the philosophy of “little bets” to increase our odds of success, given the ambiguity and uncertainty that characterizes our work environment. With little bets, risk around failed ideas is minimized, and successful ideas can be scaled and iterated.

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We are humble.

We are building data-driven tools and our mindset is to listen to data in all forms. This means being open to new ideas, acknowledging limitations, not digging into a position and taking responsibility to fix problems as soon as possible.

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We are happy.

We are passionate about what we are building, we use common sense over rules, and we have fun together. Pre-Covid, we joked around on Slack and in the office, and we would crowd into our too-small lunchroom for socials every Friday. Then for over a year we onboarded new staff into a wholly digital environment and continued to build cohesion, despite being apart. We are now enjoying a hybrid remote/office environment and the opportunity to connect in person in our beautiful new spaces.

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AltaML is a leading North American applied AI company

Going beyond experimentation, we use data to build powerful AI tools that optimize performance, mitigate risks, and create new opportunities. We accelerate the AI adoption journey for private and public sectors and pursue product opportunities through industry-specific joint ventures. Our talent accelerators increase the pipeline of industry-ready data science talent while driving partners’ AI experimentation. AltaML is scaling rapidly to become the undisputed leader in responsible AI.

Canada is a global leader in AI research and innovation

Canada is a global leader in AI research and innovation, and people from all over the world study at our post-secondary institutions. Some of this outstanding talent is retained within AltaML - in fact, it was a realization of the depth of talent here, along with the emerging business opportunity for applied AI, that sparked the creation of AltaML. From this opportunity recognition a vision was developed, and a team built.

What we care about

elevate human potential

We are driven by our purpose to elevate human potential, and we are committed to applying AI responsibly.

we hire to add

We don’t hire for fit; we hire to add. Increasing diversity of backgrounds and perspectives on our teams not only enhances creativity and innovation, not only is the right thing to do, but also is essential to mitigate against bias and unintended harm as we build AI solutions and products.

we are passionate about education

As a knowledge-based company, we are passionate about education. It truly is the foundation for everything we do. We do our utmost to develop AI literacy in local ecosystems, provide student internship and work integrated learning opportunities, and support youth STEM and leadership development.

we care about being a trusted partner

Applied AI is disruptive, and AI adoption isn’t easy. We recognize that digital transformation is a complex undertaking, involving not only adoption of new, digital tools but also organizational change. We take a collaborative approach to innovation, and care deeply about becoming a trusted partner by delivering value quickly on little bets. In this way, uncertainty and risk is progressively reduced and momentum builds around wins that get compounded into larger successes.

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If you are thinking about embarking on, or accelerating, an AI journey, we would love to hear from you.

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