AI is a game changer for business.

It’s no longer the future; it’s here now. Companies are racing to get started, but some are stumbling in the face of so much complexity.

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How can business leaders with a vision for AI execute?

A few things to consider:

Begin with problems.
Sounds obvious, but lots of people do it backwards. Then identify the business value of what AI can do for that problem.
Start small.
A “little bets” approach to experimentation is better suited for uncertainty whereas AI moonshots are generally guaranteed to fail.
It’s a team sport.
Bring domain experts together with AI experts. Build relationships. A data science team working in a silo is not set up for success.
Data quality.
Becoming a data-first organization is part of the process. Don’t wait for perfect data to start on AI because AI will inform your data strategy.
Prediction, optimization, pattern detection, automation are typical outcomes. The impact depends on the problem they solve.
It’s not magic.
But it’s also not easy embarking on AI adoption and comprehensive, advanced expertise is required. You may need to source the talent.

AltaML is here to help.

We offer a proven, collaborative approach. We identify and prioritize use cases and rapidly experiment to find the best performance. We work as an invested partner to understand your pain points, processes and data.

AltaML works across sectors, particularly the following:

Financial Services
Public Sector
Natural Resources
Supply Chain

AltaML Spinoffs & Programs


AlphaLayer is a joint venture with the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) to develop AI-enabled solutions for the investment management industry. AlphaLayer is based in Edmonton.

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Applied AI Labs

The Applied AI Lab is a hands-on cohort-based internship program delivered by AltaML in partnership with industry and supported by the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund. The Applied AI Lab is based in Calgary.

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Our purpose is to apply AI to elevate human potential.

AltaML is committed to using AI for good, across everything that we do. Socially responsible development of AI informs our approaches for models and solutions. Our processes and techniques include strategies for bias mitigation and we constantly seek opportunities to engage with the wider community to contribute our perspectives to policy development.