How AI is Reshaping
Inventory Management

Watch this webinar to learn the positive effect of AI on gross margin and revenue optimization,
demand sensing and metrics, and unifying inventory with AI and data in supply chain.

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Demand forecasting is not a new concept in the supply chain. In fact, it’s often referred to as ‘guessing between the goalposts,’ and for the most part, that was right.

Now, using algorithms that not only predict demand to drive forecasts but also incorporate external data sources and continuously learn and optimize the algorithm without intervention we have the ability to significantly reduce the size of those goal posts. Using AI we can improve the accuracy of our forecasts and then allow us to predict where and when those products should be deployed ahead of customer demand. The result? Improved forecasts, reduced freight costs, better customer service levels, and optimized working capital.

In this webinar, Brent Willett and Rick Makos will walk you through this scenario and cover:-

  • AI's positive effect on gross margin and revenue optimization in the supply chain.
  • The shift in inventory strategies with AI.
  • Demand sensing and metrics to consider.
  • Unifying inventory with AI and data.

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Brent Willett
Supply Chain Leader
Rick Makos
Regional Director