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Insurance AI

AI has already had a tremendous impact on the insurance industry and is transforming how insurers are approaching their entire business model.

From claims processing to underwriting, there are innumerable opportunities for AI to drive efficiencies, better predict risk and drastically improve the customer experience. Given the wealth of data that exists, it is hard to think of a more consequential technology to disrupt the insurance industry.

The companies that adopt AI as foundational and core to their processes will create a significant and unstoppable competitive advantage.

Use case examples in this sector:

  • Faster and customized claims processing
  • Document data extraction and classification automation
  • Claim fraud detection
  • Loss estimate prediction

AI for Individual Premium Rating

Find out how we better individualized customer premiums and better balanced the clients books by minimizing the difference in premiums collected to paid losses each year.


AI for Post-Harvest Claims Processing

Find out how we optimized the post-harvest claims process to enable cost savings in inspections and overpayments on invalid claims.

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