We align interests to bring together data, AI and domain expertise. Together, we create solutions and products that enable better decisions.

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AI solutions built for your business:


You want to take your first introductory steps to discover the potential of AI at a low commitment and low cost.

Discover includes:

✔  Validate data requirements

  before diving into


✔  Use case exploration

✔  No code solution


You want to discover the potential for AI to create value in your organization by starting with a smaller number of opportunities.

Explore includes:

✔  1-2 simple to complex use


✔  Entry level MLOps


✔  Low code solution


You want to accelerate the pace of development, or move AI Solutions from completed pilots to the deployment lifecycle in an efficient way.

Accelerate includes:

✔  Moderate to complex use


✔  MLOps foundations


You want to pursue as many use cases and AI Solutions as possible by piloting and deploying them in a short time frame.

Transform includes:

✔  Moderate to complex use


✔  MLOps integration

We’re building a pipeline of talent

Our Talent Accelerators bring practical solutions to the talent shortage of data scientists. We partner with industry, post-secondaries and economic development organizations to deliver work-integrated learning programs that can increase the pipeline of industry-ready talent.

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Applied AI Lab

The Applied AI Lab allows paid associates to gain hands-on experience, creating a talent pipeline that adds significant capacity of trained talent to the market. We impact the wider community in increasing the supply of applied skills essential to success in the new data-driven economy.

altaml we accelerate program

WE Accelerate

Partnering with Microsoft Canada and the University of Waterloo, the AltaML WE Accelerate Stream helps train the next generation of AI leaders in Canada. Co-op students across disciplines are mentored by AltaML teams to get hands on training using cutting-edge tools and platforms on real industry projects.

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