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Supply Chain AI

Supply chains have become incredibly more complex, interlinked and volatile which makes agile and supported decision making even more imperative.

AI based solutions are able to tackle some of the challenges faced by organizations, from more accurate demand forecasting to improved vendor management.

Harnessing data to improve predictive insights and inform better decision making will allow companies to respond in the agile manner the industry requires now and in the future.

Use case examples in this sector:

  • Demand volatility prediction
  • Production scheduling
  • Dynamic distribution
  • Predictive equipment maintenance

AI Supply Chain Logistics in action: Attabotics

We partnered with Attabotics, a 3D robotics supply chain company that is maximizing the use of AI for supply chain automation. Their focus on AI and supply chain logistics is helping to redefine the market.

Attabotics’ robotic-centric storage and retrieval system was built from the ground up for the new era of digital commerce and AI-driven management. Its industry-leading solution is transforming the large, antiquated warehouse hub-and-spoke system of yesteryear with smaller, more agile and nodal delivery stations that can potentially reduce a company’s warehouse needs by up to 85%.


AI Demand Sensing in Action: Spartan Controls

We partnered with Spartan Controls, a leading Canadian provider of automation solutions, to gain competitive advantage using AI. Spartan is a leading provider of automation, valves, measurement process, controls and solutions. Using AI for demand sensing, their focus on reorder point optimization, lead time prediction, and demand forecasting has been critical in advancing operations, customer service and innovation.

spartan controls

AI for Forecasting Inventory Demand

Find out how we more accurately predicted the demand for the upcoming month to better meet consumer demand and free up unecessary warehouse space.

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