Our ventures can help pursue industry-specific AI opportunities.

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Ventures we've launched

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AlphaLayer develops AI solutions for the investment management industry. These solutions support investment decision making, accelerate investment management functions, and create new sources of investment return.

AlphaLayer is a joint venture between the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) and AltaML.

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BlueMarvel AI is an industrial operations applied AI company. We combine our deep knowledge of operating challenges with technological solution expertise to help operating functions capture value through applied AI.

BlueMarvel AI is a joint venture between Spartan Controls and AltaML.

sylvester logo is developing predictive AI healthcare products to improve animal health outcomes. We believe animals can live healthier, longer lives when humans can be more proactive in their care. is a joint venture between BarG Holdings Inc. and AltaML.

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System-3 uses simulation and AI to increase the pipeline of diverse candidates to meet the demand of C-Suite and Board talent. The solution is efficient, affordable, and unbiased methods to predict success.

Products in the works