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AltaML Appoints Debora Bielecki and Niki Panich to Its Board of Directors

May 9, 2023 3 min read
AltaML Updates

AltaML, an industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) studio and machine learning (ML) software developer, has appointed Debora Bielecki—a globally recognized, award-winning Corporate Director with more than 30 years of experience in innovation and sustainability—and Stanford University alumni Dr. Niki Panich—a Corporate Medical Director and Physician—to its Board of Directors. 

Bielecki and Panich join the ranks of AltaML’s existing Board Members—Board Chair Darren Rawson, Mary Cameron, Terry Freeman, Nicole Janssen and Cory Janssen. All members possess decades of industry experience and have held multiple executive-level positions applicable to the work AltaML is doing in oil and gas, energy, agriculture, finance, computer vision, health care, and the public and private sector. 

“We are thrilled to have industry powerhouses like Debora and Niki on our board,” said Nicole Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltaML. “As well-known thought leaders within the tech and health space, Debora and Niki will be instrumental in advancing growth, expansion, and digital transformation at AltaML.” 

“Having real-world experience is vital to our success—it informs how we move forward and pushes us to think bigger,” added Cory Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltaML. “Both Niki and Debora’s expertise will be invaluable. We’re big believers in the power of collaborative innovation, and their insight will keep us at the forefront of driving data innovation in North America.” 

A former executive for Hewlett-Packard, Bielecki helped lead the organization with worldwide responsibilities in 152 countries for 15 years. Her extensive experience and well-rounded skill set in financial services, technology and the supply chain sector will complement the experience and expertise of the board. 

“AltaML is at a point of growth in a sector that I am very passionate about,” said Debora Bielecki, newly appointed AltaML Board Member. “It’s exciting for me to work with an organization that has aligned on the future needs for solving business challenges. I want to see Canadian companies succeed, and joining the board for AltaML is aligned with my purpose to support the growth of these businesses so they become the global leaders they deserve to be.”

Bielecki also serves on the boards for Circular Rubber Technologies, Bank of Canada, Kruger Inc., and Canadian Light Source.

A Family Physician in Calgary, a Clinical Consultant for Carelon Digital Platforms at Elevance Health and a Corporate Director for Cleveland Clinic, Panich holds deep subject matter expertise in medicine and has been involved in systems-level primary care reform for more than 15 years—and for the last three years, she’s also been working in Silicon Valley as a Health Technology Consultant. 

“Medicine is ripe for disruption, and I am excited to bring my health technology expertise to the Alberta ecosystem,” said Dr. Niki Panich, newly appointed AltaML Board Member. “I am passionate about leveraging data and technology to impact clinical care and outcomes.”

Recently, Panich completed a seven-year term as Board Chair of Mosaic Primary Care Network, where she oversaw operational risk mitigation and board governance for 400,000 patients and 350 physicians. Now, she’s ready to apply that knowledge to her role at AltaML to drive innovation in support of its health care partners. 

“I’m looking forward to working with an experienced group of board colleagues to help shape the path of AltaML,” she said. 

Embracing all aspects of digital transformation and governance, Bielecki added that she is also incredibly passionate about the power of AI and how it can be leveraged to create profound outcomes for all stakeholders.

“Experience is key here,” she explained. “There are so many scenarios that I have been involved with that could apply to AltaML—I have a toolbox of knowledge and a diverse perspective that can be shared. Why waste time reinventing the wheel? Let’s learn from history, apply new insights, and make tactical steps to help the company grow.”

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AltaML is a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions. Working with organizations that want to use AI to leverage their data to develop solutions that drive tangible business results, AltaML empowers partners to create operational efficiency, reduce risks and generate new sources of revenue. Through a deep understanding of organizational pain points and challenges, AltaML’s solutions encompass the entire machine learning (ML) life cycle, from evaluating potential use cases and determining feasibility to piloting solutions, putting code into production, and ensuring model evolution.

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