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Our companies leverage applied AI to enhance their competitive edge and redefine industry standards. By combining our technical expertise with the visionary domain knowledge of our founders, we build and back companies that drive transformative change across industries. 

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AlphaLayer uncovers investment edge in the markets at scale with a repeatable research process that leverages core technology, data, and artificial intelligence to develop differentiated investment strategies. It aims to create significant economic value for end clients with trading strategies that generate higher risk-adjusted returns.
Founded 2019
Industry Investment Management

Meet the Founder

Chad Langager, CEO

Chad is responsible for leading AlphaLayer’s strategy and execution. Before joining  AlphaLayer, Chad served was  the VP of Product for AltaML, overseeing  project delivery and product functions. He is the former Co-Founder of Leadoff Digital, a digital media company that developed media properties at the intersection of content and data. Prior to this, Chad led the product team at Investopedia until 2011. He has a B.Comm  from the University of Alberta.
Jurisage, a Canadian legal research artificial intelligence (AI) startup, born out of the AltaML Venture Studio, and CiteRight, Canada’s leading litigation drafting platform, merged in Q4 2023, forming Jurisage Group Inc. This combined entity integrates cutting-edge AI technology into litigation workflows, providing lawyers with essential tools for faster and more efficient client services through an AI-powered legal research and writing system built on one of the world’s largest proprietary case law datasets.
Founded 2023
Industry Litigation Software

Meet the Founder

Aaron Wenner, CEO

Aaron Wenner is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jurisage Group Inc. A lawyer and self-taught coder, Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, a Master of Arts from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Civil Law and Common Law from McGill University.
Sylvester.ai combines validated veterinary science and the power of artificial intelligence to help pet caregivers understand the needs of their pets through immediate visual assessment. This innovative startup helps animals live healthier, longer lives by assisting humans to be more proactive in their care.
Founded 2020
Industry Pet Wellness/Animal Health
Website sylvester.ai

Meet the Founder

Susan Groeneveld, CEO

Susan Groeneveld is a successful serial entrepreneur specializing in science-based businesses. Her 20-year career has included leading the commercialization of large global animal health and agriculture companies. Susan was also a top 5 Entrepreneur of the Year finalist at the 2023 Women in AI North America award.
System-3 was born to identify leadership excellence by more accurately predicting the success of current and emerging talent by measuring unbiased core leadership competencies and the capacity to apply them. The technology brings objectivity to the decision-making process, resulting in more accurate talent evaluation and broadening the candidate pool to include deserving and diverse candidates.
Founded 2021
Industry HR Technology
Website system-3.com

Meet the Founder

Elan Pratzer, CEO

Elan is a serial entrepreneur and has founded four companies. He has spent 30+ years assessing and advising senior business leaders, including shareholders, boards, and CEOs, on various topics, including strategic human capital decisions and organization transformation. He is the former Managing Partner, Canada of Caldwell Partners, where he led selective executive search engagements hiring transformational C-suite and board talent.
BlueMarvel.ai builds cloud-native products that unlock previously unavailable datasets from industrial operations, generating important insights on human safety, asset reliability, production optimization, and energy efficiency – all from a single application. Taking a bottom-up approach to industrial data science, BlueMarvel.ai understands the equipment, machines, and physical principles that make them work. Applications are built on a powerful calculation engine that provides organizations with a new way to view and manage their industrial operations.
Founded 2021
Industry Industrial Operations

Meet the Managing Director

Keri Lee, Managing Director

Keri Lee is an experienced senior leader with a proven track record in driving success across diverse industries. She is skilled at managing complex business functions, leading high-performing teams, and creating cultures centered around continuous improvement and innovation.

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