We Build and Back 
Vertical AI Companies

Going beyond the typical involvement of the average venture fund, we bring together talent, AI/ML expertise and capital to accelerate the growth of applied AI startups within specific enterprise verticals. Our Venture Studio offers a comprehensive range of services, to cultivate and empower the most exceptional entrepreneurs in traditional industries on the cusp of reinvention.

Your Technical


We combine our wealth of experience across 400 AI use cases with a replicable company-building process to increase the probability of early-stage success and position ourselves to lead the transformative AI/ML wave.

Our deep involvement from company inception to Series A enables our entrepreneurs to focus on their core business. We bring technical expertise in machine learning, software development, and product management while facilitating valuable connections to your target market, offering back-office support, and providing insights from our corporate labs, all geared toward ensuring your success.

Your Complete Co-Founder Solution

Technical Expertise

We facilitate seamless innovation. We’re here to lend our expertise, spanning from machine learning to software development and product management.

We’re Builders Ourselves

As co-founders, getting our hands dirty is not a problem. We’re here to assist in any capacity.

Fast Funding

We operate with speed and agility, allowing you to focus on the essentials: your product and customers.

Potential Partnerships

We bring relationships with academia, cloud vendors, and your first customers to speed up time to market.

Talent and Speed of Hiring

You have direct access to our team, plus a pre-screened pool of qualified candidates, allowing you to assemble a high-performing team efficiently.

Enhanced Validation

Borrow valuable insights, data, intellectual property, and domain expertise gained from our corporate labs to help you enrich your business strategy.

We Help You Focus on Growth

We understand that running a startup is hard. Alongside our technical team, the Venture Studio can operate many other parts of your business so you can focus on what’s important. We can support you with:

Interested in Building a Company With Us?

We guide you through our proven 4-stage process, positioning you for success and empowering you to scale with greater speed and focus.

Need Capital to Fuel Your AI Startup?

We invest in visionary entrepreneurs seeking pre-seed and seed capital for their AI startups. Discover our evaluation criteria for making investment decisions.