The AltaML Fund

We fund innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ventures at the pre-seed and seed stage. While our primary focus is supporting companies within the AltaML Venture Studio, we will consider investing in compelling companies outside of the Studio that align with our investment thesis.

Who We Invest In

Ultimately, we invest in you—the entrepreneur.

We firmly believe the success of a venture is significantly influenced by your passion and vision, making it our primary focus. 
We believe this industry’s most promising investment opportunity lies in applying ML to vertical applications. Our thesis has three key components:

  • Applied AI
  • Vertical Industries
  • High-Growth B2B

Applied AI

Forget about the science experiments; the trillion-dollar opportunities lies in strategically applying AI solutions to solve business challenges.

Vertical Industries

Hyperscalers have dominated the horizontal platform battle. The key to success now lies in strategically pivoting towards an industry-specific focus.

High-Growth B2B

We find markets that we love to play in, including high-growth markets and promising niches within traditional B2B industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve curated a list of common questions and answers about working with us. If you can’t find the information that you’re looking for, feel free to contact us for personalized assistance. Explore these FAQs to gain insights into our fund.

In addition to capital and network connections for future financing rounds, we have over 100 talented team members with expertise ranging from data science to software development to product management and more who are ready to support you at your desired level of involvement.

Our Fund takes the lead in the entire pre-seed round. We limit our contribution to 75% of the seed round to ensure that we aren’t drinking too much of our own “Kool-Aid.” This approach encourages you to secure the remaining 25% from external sources. But hey, if you can secure more, that’s even better!

We invest in entrepreneurs located across North America. We are based in Canada but more than happy to work with our friends down south.

We invest in companies where AI forms the foundation of the venture and the role of AI in enhancing the competitive advantage is evident.

We focus on AI, but steer away from horizontal applications, infrastructure, foundational model investments and hardware. With regard to verticals, we will not invest in applying AI to military or defense contexts.

Looking for Early-Stage Capital to Fuel Your AI Startup to its Next Phase?

We provide pre-seed capital and take the lead position in seed rounds while making connections to our network of investors. We believe entrepreneurs should prioritize product development in crucial early stages and avoid unnecessary distractions associated with fundraising.