Jurisage and CiteRight Finalize Merger, Become Jurisage Group Inc.

January 10, 2024 3 min read
AltaML Team
AltaML Team

CiteRight, the leading litigation drafting platform in Canada, and Jurisage, a Canadian legal research AI startup, announce merger completion

Jurisage Group Inc. has completed its integration, emerging as the successful result of a merger between Jurisage, a breakthrough legal artificial intelligence (AI) company born from the AltaML Venture Studio, and CiteRight, the leading litigation drafting platform and research library in Canada. The companies publicly announced the intention to merge in September 2023.

The newly formed Jurisage Group will weave generative AI (GenAI) insights into litigation workflows, giving lawyers the crucial context and tools they need to get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to use GenAI in ways that transform litigation workflows while keeping lawyers in control of the process,” said Aaron Wenner, CEO of Jurisage Group. “Our vision is to let litigation teams pour their energy into what they do best: winning cases and ensuring their clients see unprecedented value.”

“Our company now possesses unique assets to leverage AI effectively for litigators. This includes one of only four complete corpora of Canadian case law, as well as strong relationships with both industry and academia,” added Juliano Rabelo, CTO of Jurisage Group. “We look forward to building upon our combined suite of products already used by Canada’s largest law firms.”

“As a client of both CiteRight and Jurisage, I’m pleased to see these two innovative companies come together,” said Ginevra Saylor, National Director, Innovation and Knowledge Programs at Gowling WLG. “With the changes technology is bringing to the business and practice of law, it is more important than ever for firms to be able to rely on trusted partners and tools.”

“The focus for us is to apply AI in a way that makes the experience as natural and intuitive as possible for our customers while maintaining our high level of services and unparalleled support,” added Ariel Nacson, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Jurisage Group.

Upcoming Developments

According to Rabelo, a new version of the company’s citation management platform is scheduled for release in Q1 2024. He describes this as a “major milestone,” highlighting the ability to provide existing functionality within a modern framework, enabling more frequent updates and releases.

Jurisage Group will also provide consultative services, guiding law firms in the effective adoption and application of AI in their business, with a planned entry into the U.S. market in 2024.

Jurisage Group will continue to receive technical and back-office support through the AltaML Venture Studio, which functions as an early-stage investor. With an investment of $1.25 million from the AltaML Fund and other strategic partners, Jurisage Group gains deep connections within the venture capital community, providing opportunities to scale.

“We empower founders to spend time on the most valuable thing: iterating the product to build the best solution for customers,” said Cory Janssen, AltaML Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

“We’re excited to provide unique tools for litigators, who’ve been historically underserved, by using technology we could have only dreamed of 18 months ago—it’s a new era in litigation technology,” said Wenner.

Jurisage Group Inc.

Jurisage Group Inc. leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, seamlessly integrating it into litigation workflows. This innovative approach to generative AI (GenAI) equips lawyers with essential tools for faster and more efficient client services through an AI-powered legal research and writing system. The commitment to utilizing GenAI to deliver concise information and generate text in various formats, such as case summaries and document drafts, significantly expedites the legal writing process.

AltaML Venture Studio

The AltaML Venture Studio builds and invests in early-stage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) companies. It brings together talent, capital, and expertise in AI/ML to elevate ideas with a competitive edge and transform them into high-performing companies. Whether the concept originates from the corporate labs, is internally generated, or is founder-led, the Studio catalyzes venture inception—collaborating with applied AI ventures within specific enterprise verticals to propel scaling and advancement toward Series A.

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