Building the next-generation of applications powered by ML.

AltaML combines expertise in machine learning, product development, and digital marketing with capital to create a launchpad for transformative ideas within industry verticals.

Working With Industry

Unlock the power of machine learning to transform your business.

AltaML works with industry partners to help them innovate their businesses to better leverage data and machine intelligence.


We help you determine how your business can start taking advantage of machine learning right now and how it can best position itself to fully leverage the impact of ML in the future.


We help you build out and integrate machine learning applications into your business, from automation to augmentation to new ways of doing business.

Working with Startups

Are you building a machine learning startup? Want to add some rocket fuel?

AltaML works with AI/ML startups looking to accelerate their business by leveraging our ML and business expertise.

Our team

Building a startup requires you to wear all of the hats. We can help by giving you access to our ML, product, and business teams who support your efforts to execute your idea.

Our experience

From product market fit to capital to team building there are so many unknowns in building a startup. Looking for the ultimate hands-on advisors? We have done it all before.


Here is a quick look at what it is like to work at AltaML. We're hiring!

You will learn a lot.

Work in collaboration with an amazing team of very smart people with diverse experience and backgrounds.

Everyone makes an impact.

We expect every member of the team to think strategically and drive the innovation and direction.

We welcome mistakes.

Having the freedom to fail makes it possible to genuinely look at mistakes and learn from them.

Be entrepreneurial.

Have an idea developed in your mind and always wondered if it could take off? Gain access to a team that can help move your idea forward.

Join a fast growing, new venture.

Get in on the ground floor and help shape the vision of this new company being built by a very experienced team.

Did we mention the benefits?

Flexibility in where you work, what hours you work, how much vacation you take, and what you wear. Your work/life balance will be respected like never before.