AltaML’s People Director on The Recruitment Flex Podcast

August 29, 2023 < 1
AltaML Team
AltaML Team

In this engaging episode of the practitioner series, Deanna Brousseau, Director of People and Talent, AltaML, partners with the hosts of The Recruitment Flex to dive into the world of talent acquisition, specifically within the tech industry.

Discover how Brousseau, through video posts inspired by TikTok, achieved a remarkable transformation of the LinkedIn outreach response rate—from 45% to an impressive 85%. Additionally, she provides insights into the process of scaling a team from 40 to 140, even during challenging periods.

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of tech assessments, take-home assignments, and live coding exams in drawing job seekers to opportunities. Moreover, Brousseau unveils her “do-over” list, shares essential insights regarding team structure, and reveals the pivotal superhero roles within a high-performing talent acquisition team.

We try to put them in real-case scenarios and test them to see how they would react.

Deanna Brousseau

Director, People and Talent


“We try to put them in real-case scenarios and test them to see how they would react, how they would respond. We do a case study interview where we really get into how they would be in the role in a certain situation that is less than ideal because it happens.”

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