Enabling Business Evolution with Generative AI: Insights from Cory Janssen

November 14, 2023 < 1
AltaML Team
AltaML Team

In the most recent episode of the AIM Research podcast, host Kashyap Raibagi speaks with Cory Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltaML. Together, they explore the dynamic business landscape, highlighting how the integration of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) serves as a transformative catalyst. From reshaping operational paradigms to addressing intricate challenges, the exploration of GenAI signifies a new era of innovation and strategic evolution.

We’re still in this peak hype cycle with GenAI and it’s good because it’s creating conversations. I mean if you’re in my business, that’s a positive. But we need to always educate the business side that GenAI actually isn’t even a type of AI.

Cory Janssen

Co-Founder and Co-CEO


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