AltaML a 2021 Finalist for Global Energy Show’s Collaborative Trendsetter Award

October 22, 2021 2 min read
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AltaML is honored to have been recognized by the Global Energy Show (GES), North America’s leading energy event, as a 2021 finalist for the “Collaborative Trendsetter Award” for the AltaML Applied AI Lab (AAIL).

The GES Awards shine a spotlight on excellence in the energy industry, and the Collaborative Trendsetter Award is designed to recognize organizations that understand the value of collaborating externally to improve effectiveness and efficiency. AltaML extends its sincere thanks to Spartan Controls for the nomination and its congratulations to the 2021 Exergy Solutions winner.  

The AAIL is a transformative, industry-led initiative to accelerate talent development and to drive artificial intelligence (AI) integration in business.

The Lab is located in AltaML’s office in downtown Calgary, an energy and cleantech city with a thriving innovation sector, and operates in collaboration with four founding Partners, Suncor, TransAlta, ATB Financial, and Spartan Controls, with the support of the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF).

The Lab operates on a cohort basis, and within each three-month cohort, brings together real-world use cases, data, and subject matter experts from the partners, and provides mentorship to highly-qualified associates who gain a playbook for applied AI as they develop and deliver proof of concept solutions to the partners. Outgoing associates are quickly hired into data science positions, mostly locally, adding needed capacity to the ecosystem. The Lab began its second year of operations on Oct. 1, 2021.

The Lab’s industry partners all have amassed sizeable datasets and have internal analytics teams that work on real-time data to inform their business and operational decisions. The Lab augments the partners’ AI capabilities, tackling diverse projects including business processes, operational optimization, energy efficiency, supply chain efficiencies, and sentiment analysis, and creates broad, multi-level impact.

For industry partners, hiring for applied AI is de-risked by a continuous talent pipeline, and the continuous experimentation on AI use cases yields additional value on digital transformation programs underway.

For associates, valuable and career-changing work integrated learning within mentor-led teams bridges the gap between academic knowledge and industry needs, ensuring that they are job-ready upon completion of their cohort. For the community, the increased local AI capacity creates a network effect and helps equip Calgary-based companies to compete in the global data-driven economy.

Increased local AI adoption will ensure continued competitiveness of companies in traditional sectors and will support diversification into emerging tech sectors.

The Lab is the first of its kind in North America and will increase Alberta’s prosperity while cementing the province’s AI leadership–not only for research, but also for application in industry.

“AltaML is honored to be recognized by the Global Energy Show as a finalist for the Collaborative Trendsetter Award for the Applied AI Lab,” said Nicole Janssen, AltaML Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the teams at Suncor, TransAlta, Spartan Controls and ATB Financial, and together we are creating impact far beyond what each could achieve alone. The City of Calgary’s Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund was the catalyst that made the Lab possible, and relationships and commitment have ensured its success.”

About AltaML

AltaML is a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions. Working with organizations that want to use AI to leverage their data to develop solutions that drive tangible business results, AltaML empowers partners to create operational efficiency, reduce risks and generate new sources of revenue. Through a deep understanding of organizational pain points and challenges, AltaML’s solutions encompass the entire machine learning (ML) life cycle, from evaluating potential use cases and determining feasibility to piloting solutions, putting code into production, and ensuring model evolution.

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