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June 23, 2022       News

AltaML embarks on U.S. expansion

U.S. office to open in Houston in Q3

Edmonton, AB, June 23, 2022 – AltaML, a leading applied AI company, is pleased to announce its expansion into the U.S. market, which opens up key opportunities for growth. AltaML selected Houston, Texas for its first U.S. location after developing a proven approach to applied AI that delivers value to clients and hyperscale partners.

“The US has always been part of the plan for AltaML. We are driven by a mindset to scale as much as we are driven by a purpose to elevate human potential with applied AI,” said co-founder and co-CEO Nicole Janssen. “We are feeling ready to walk the walk, starting in Houston.”

AltaML has set up a U.S. entity to enable local hiring, and to conduct business from the Texas office. Initial hiring will be focused on a small business development and support team, with additional recruiting once sales traction is established. Houston was selected based on AltaML’s experience in the primary industry (energy and natural resources) as well as connections through existing clients and hyperscale partners. Texas’ strong AI and machine learning academic institutions also figured prominently in the selection process.

“This is a big step for AltaML, but it’s also a natural one,” said co-founder and co-CEO Cory Janssen. “We have already worked with US clients and we know that our business model resonates with the US market. After a lot of careful consideration we’re excited to be embarking on this big growth opportunity.”

Currently headquartered in Edmonton and with offices located in Calgary and Toronto, Houston marks AltaML’s first US office and fourth office in North America.



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