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December 29, 2020       News

AltaML named a 2020 Responsible AI Award winner by AI Global, now known as Responsible AI Institute

Edmonton, December 29, 2020--AltaML is honoured to be recognized by AI Global, a community-driven non-profit dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical adoption of Artificial Intelligence, as a recipient of one of its 2020 Responsible AI Awards. The Responsible AI Awards program acknowledges global technology innovators, leaders and visionaries who are pioneering and adopting responsible and ethical application of AI and supporting the mission and vision established by AI Global. 

AltaML received the Start-up Leader Award for responsible AI design work in financial, health, and social services that balanced innovation with building responsible AI systems and is proud to showcase Alberta’s responsible AI leadership along with AI4Society at the University of Alberta which received an Academic Leader Award. The other 2020 Responsible AI Award winners are Anthem (Corporate Leader Award), Mark Caine at the World Economic Forum (Community Leader Award), and Martha Czernuszenko (Youth Leader Award). 

“We extend our congratulations to this year’s winners and thank them for their leadership in putting digital trust and ethics at the center of their approach” said Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of AI Global.  “We are pleased to recognize AltaML for their work on advancing our Responsible AI Design Assistant. With ambition matching their dedication to making AI safer and more trustworthy, AltaML is forging a path in the AI industry, demonstrating how it's possible to balance building responsible AI systems with being innovative. Their insights and feedback were critical to advancing AI Gobal's efforts this year.”

“At AI Global, we are providing a vision, framework, and tools to help businesses and governments ensure that AI is applied with a human and ethical focus and are proud of our pioneering work on the development of an independent Responsible AI certification in collaboration with World Economic Forum and Schwartz Reisman Institute” she added.

“AltaML is a purpose-driven organization and we believe that strong Responsible AI governance is essential to building solutions that elevate human potential” said Nicole Janssen, Co-Founder of AltaML. “Through our engagement with AI Global we had the opportunity to explore their Responsible AI Design Assistant as part of our investigation into best practices and tools for governance, and we are honoured to be recognized for our work toward a framework for ethical development of AI solutions. We are looking forward to great collaboration in 2021!” 

About AltaML

AltaML helps business leaders understand how artificial intelligence can redefine competitive advantage. Driven by a purpose to apply AI to elevate human potential, we develop powerful software applications that create efficiencies, mitigate risk and drive revenue. AltaML has offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. 

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