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Duncan Mundell Named Head of Invent at AltaML

April 9, 2024 2 min read
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A premier developer of AI-powered solutions has appointed a new executive to guide innovation within the organization

AltaML is proud to announce Duncan Mundell as the Head of Invent, a critical executive position within the organization tasked with spearheading innovation and solution development to drive growth and customer value.

With over 25 years of experience in business technology strategy and consulting, Mundell’s career has encompassed leadership roles in both local and global initiatives during his tenure at Microsoft, with a keen focus on enhancing the customer journey. In his new role with AltaML, Mundell aims to leverage his diverse skill set to inspire a high-performing team and cultivate technical talent.

“I see this opportunity as a responsibility to ensure value for clients and foster career growth for our team. It’s about championing responsible artificial intelligence practices, cementing our position as the premier destination for tech talent, and being the preferred partner in our industry,” said Mundell. “I’m committed to enhancing value and excellence across all facets of the Invent side of the business.”

This role requires a visionary, and Duncan fits the bill.

Nicole Janssen

Co-Founder and Co-CEO


“The addition of Duncan to our team is a huge win,” said Nicole Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, AltaML. “This role requires a visionary, and Duncan fits the bill. We have ambitious goals on the horizon, and we’re confident that his abilities will be invaluable as we work together to achieve them.”

Based in Calgary for the last 15 years, a dynamic hub of Alberta’s thriving tech sector, Mundell is dedicated to supporting local prosperity while also setting his sights on propelling global growth for AltaML.

“The industry is at a critical juncture, with artificial intelligence and machine learning poised for transformation. Practical applicability will be the key determinant of enduring solutions,” he explained. “What better time could there be to help shape our clients’ future solutions, knowing that our collective efforts pave the way for innovation and progress?”

I wake up every morning excited to collaborate with individuals whose cultural attributes and values closely align with my own.

Duncan Mundell

Head of Invent


Mundell’s extensive expertise in advancing quality outcomes while prioritizing value for clients and partnerships closely aligns with the overarching mandate embraced at AltaML.

“In the months ahead, we eagerly anticipate the evolution of ideas and strategic planning as Duncan settles into his role and begins to articulate his vision and path forward,” added Carolynne Heron, Chief Operating Officer, AltaML.

“I wake up every morning excited to collaborate with individuals whose cultural attributes and values closely align with my own, recognizing that success is achieved together, not alone,” said Mundell.

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AltaML is a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions developer. Working with organizations that want to use AI to leverage their data to develop solutions that drive tangible business results, AltaML empowers partners to create operational efficiency, reduce risks, and generate new sources of revenue. Through a deep understanding of organizational pain points and challenges, AltaML’s solutions encompass the entire machine learning (ML) life cycle, from evaluating potential use cases and determining feasibility to piloting solutions, putting code into production, and ensuring model evolution.

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