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Zedi and AltaML Announce New Alliance to Develop and Deploy AI to Create a Competitive Advantage

May 28, 2019 2 min read
AltaML Updates

Zedi Inc. is pleased to announce an alliance with AltaML to co-develop an additional artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enabled layer to Zedi’s technology platform. This alliance will leverage AltaML’s AI/ML product development capabilities and speed to market that will help drive additional capabilities for Zedi’s customers and deliver more autonomous production operations efficiencies.

It’s no secret that oil and gas producers have been significantly impacted by the new reality of lower oil prices. Current production and operation methodologies are under substantial pressure. This alliance aims to help producers lower costs and maintain or increase profitability in spite of this new economic reality.

Ilario (Larry) Spagnolo, President of Zedi stated “It’s increasingly important for Zedi customers to gain even faster implementation of all that artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring by way of autonomous oil and gas production for significant ad nimble increases in profitability. We have many of these tools in place and simply need to broaden their abilities to meet the rapidly increasing market demand.” He added, “The Zedi team has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions and has converted our field expertise into expert fields with our proven hardware and software built for stronger oil and gas production profitability.”

Zedi’s customers will gain even more optimization opportunities across Zedi’s platforms with added speed and increased AI and ML capabilities to increase their production performance in any pricing environment. Challenges that producers face around the world are what Zedi has always delivered and is providing the accelerated autonomous answers producers need right now, and for future sustainability.

“We are very fortunate and excited to be partnering with Zedi as we believe technology can help relieve the pressures of low oil prices and help firms become more resilient in these challenging times,” said Cory Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltaML. “We have a unique opportunity to leverage the rich talent pool of data scientists in our local market and put these resources and skills to work. By partnering with a visionary company like Zedi, we can help create new forms of competitive advantage that drive monetary value.”

About AltaML

AltaML is a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions. Working with organizations that want to use AI to leverage their data to develop solutions that drive tangible business results, AltaML empowers partners to create operational efficiency, reduce risks and generate new sources of revenue. Through a deep understanding of organizational pain points and challenges, AltaML’s solutions encompass the entire machine learning (ML) life cycle, from evaluating potential use cases and determining feasibility to piloting solutions, putting code into production, and ensuring model evolution.

About Zedi

Zedi is a leading technology and services company in the field of production operations. Through technology backed by expert consultation and services, we help our customers realize their production potential.

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